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"Wrangler" - Barn Wood & Maple - 48inL x 51inH x 29inW


"Nexus" - Exotic Hardwoods - 78in x 26in x 26in - Sold

Boots & Shoes

"Friday Night" - Barnwood - 18inH x 6inW x 12inL

"Friday Night"

"Break Time" - Barnwood - 18inW x 10inL x 8inH

"Break Time"

"Idea Bag" - Barn Wood - 34inH x 16inL x 7inD

Idea Bag

"Bag of Tricks" - Barn Wood - 11inH x 16inL x 10inD

Bag of Tricks
Bag of Tricks

"Bicycle" - Barnwood - 71inL x 40inH x 24inW


"Summertime" - Barnwood - 56inL x 46inH x 24inW


"It's in the Bag" - Barnwood - 49inH x 21inW x 30inL

"It's in the Bag"

"Heirloom" - Barnwood - 36in x 36in x 42in - Sold

Sewing Machine

"Custom Ride" - Barnwood - 64in x 90in x 35in - Sold

"Custom Ride"

"Olivetti" - Barn Wood & Maple - 18inL x 12inH x 14inD

Olivetti 2
Olivetti 3

"Keyboard" - Barn Wood & Maple - 16inL x 11inH x 17inD

Keyboard 2
Keyboard 3
Keyboard 4
Keyboard 5
Keyboard 6
Cakes - Exotic Wood

"Celebrate" - Exotic Hardwoods - 16inH x 19inD x 13inW


"Ambrosia" - Exotic Hardwoods - 12in x 12in x 18in


"Tip Top" - Exotic Woods - 59in x  21in

Tea Party
"Tip Top"

"Just Desserts" - Exotic Hardwoods - 38inL x 16inW x 45inH

Just Desserts
Just Desserts 2
Just Desserts 3
Just Desserts 4
Just Desserts 5
Just Desserts 6

"Booty" -Exotic  & Polychromed Wood - 48in x 20in x 20in

Candy & Prize Machines
"Booty" - Front Detail
"Booty" - Side Detail

"Party Mix" - Polychromed Wood - 34in x 18in x 18in

"Party Mix"

"Jackpot" - Polychromed Wood - 61inH x 18inW x 18inD

Jackpot 2
Jackpot 3

"Prize Center" - Polychromed Wood - 60inH x 18inD x 18inW

Prize Center
Prize Center 2
Prize Center 3
Prize Center 4
Prize Center 5

"Winner"- Polychromed Wood - 59inH x 18inW x 18inD

Winner 2
Winner 3
Winner 4
Winner 5
Cutting Boards

"Kitchen Aides" - Polychromed Wood - 19inL x 11inH x 11inD

"Kitchen Aides"

"Mixing It Up" - Polychromed Wood - 19inL x 10inH x 11inD

"Mixing It Up"

"In The Kitchen" - Polychromed Wood - 19in x 7in x 10in - Sold

"In The Kitchen"

"Bacchanal" - Polychromed Wood - 18in x 4in x 8in - Sold

Cakes - Metal

"Red Rose Cake" - Wood & Found Metal - 12in x 10in x 12in

"Red Rose Cake"

"Sweet Slice" - Wood & Found Metal - 12in x 10in x 12in

"Sweet Slice"
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